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How to create content with the help of artificial intelligence


How to use automatic text generators to create high-quality content.

Yes, a robot wrote the title of this article and could have even written the whole article (though we decided against it this time). But imagine a tool capable of collating all the information published online and ordering it into a well-structured text that fit the search intentions of your target audience. All in a matter of seconds. Isn’t that what all copywriters, marketing managers, and even journalists dream of?

Well, it’s already a reality and, though there are those who still advocate for traditional writing, it is becoming increasingly clear that automatic text generators are revolutionizing the industry. You’ve probably heard how artificial intelligence tools are growing in popularity among content creators. But is it all good news or are there any hidden dangers? Is artificial intelligence really a useful tool for writers or could it become a threat to the profession?


Today we’re putting to the test. It’s the sector’s leading platform and promises to help marketing professionals and journalists with their content creation.

According to the website, over 50,000 users are currently using it to write content. If we take a look at the pricing plans, we’re presented with two options:

  • Starter: For beginners and hobbyists who want to write short-form content. Product descriptions, posts or captions for social media. The prices for this option vary according to the number of words you need to write each month. From a minimum of 20k words/month for $24 and a maximum of 320k words/month for $332. By purchasing this option, you’ll receive the following package:
  • Over 50 templates.
  • Support for over 20 languages.
  • Available for a maximum of 5 users.
  • Contact with a human in less than 10 minutes (during business hours).
  • Boss Mode: Here’s where things get serious. This level is designed for professional bloggers and companies. It covers between 50k words for $49/month and 700k words for $500/month, and includes all the services from the Starter package, plus:
  • Long-form text editor.
  • Special composition features and commands.
  • Maximum content search (i.e. it reads more parts of the document to improve the context. This means you can expect higher-quality results and more readable content).
  • More templates.
  • Ideal for teams.
  • Contact with a human in less than 1 minute (during business hours).

This tool works thanks to GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) technology, an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to generate texts of such high quality that it’s difficult to distinguish them from those human beings have written. OpenAI is the artificial intelligence research company responsible for developing this technology and is funded by Elon Musk, among others. As the company explains, “to date, over 300 applications are using GPT-3. In the industry and production sectors, as well as education, creative industries and even the world of videogames”.


Jasper is one of these applications. There you’ll find templates for improving texts you already have, and you’ll be able to write messages for your digital marketing campaigns from scratch. It can also help you write SEO articles that improve your website’s search engine positioning, or full product pages, and will even provide you with ideas for writing a YouTube video script. You’ll have your texts ready to publish in a matter of minutes. But is that enough? Let’s try it out.


How to use to create content

Let’s imagine we want to write an article on the increased use of artificial intelligence in copywriting. We open the platform. We create a new document. First we need to write a short summary and enter some keywords:

  • Marketing manager
  • Copywriter
  • Artificial intelligence


We press Ctrl/Command + J and Jasper starts writing:

“As marketing managers, we’re always looking for ways to improve the quality and quantity of our content. We want our copywriters to be able to produce more higher-quality content, faster. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools can help with both things”, it writes within three seconds.

It doesn’t take long for us to see that is one of the highest-quality tools for creating texts using AI. All you have to do is tell it what you want to talk about, enter the keywords you think are essential, and use the commands that the website gives you to create the content.

We do however recommend that you always add your personal touch, polishing the text for style and reviewing its tone of voice. You’ll certainly have more to bring to it if you’re coming at it fresh, because artificial intelligence has done all the hard work for you. Jasper agrees:

“Artificial intelligence assistants are increasingly popular among content creators, especially copywriters. These tools can help automate some of the most mundane tasks associated with editing, such as research and fact-checking. AI assistants can also provide instant comments on grammar and style. As a result, many content creators are discovering that AI assistants make their life easier and allow them to focus on the more creative aspects of writing. But it’s important to bear in mind that AI assistants are still in the early stages of development. Human copywriters still can’t be replaced completely. There is also always the risk that artificial intelligence becomes advanced enough to learn how to write texts itself. For now, though, AI assistants remain a valuable tool for content creators”, reads the automatically generated content.


As Jasper itself says, it isn’t perfect yet. Every few minutes, you need to write “****”. That’s the shortcut to tell the robot to reset the constant search for words, which sometimes gets stuck in a loop and repeats entire paragraphs. The tool may be very valuable for gathering information, but the lack of human brain involvement shows how necessary it is for common sense and critical thinking to be involved in our writing. This is clear to see when using the “Paragraph generator” template, if we enter “Jasper errors” as the topic and set the keyword as “artificial intelligence assistant”:

“Jasper is an artificial intelligence tool created by the company Exceed. Jasper is designed to help businesses improve and optimize their operations. However, Jasper has had a significant impact on the labor market, reducing the demand for qualified workers in a range of industries. This is primarily due to Jasper’s ability to perform tasks that used to require humans to complete them manually. Often, Jasper can perform these tasks more efficiently and accurately than human staff, which has led to a significant reduction in workforce demand. This has had a particularly negative effect on unqualified workers, many of whom have been left unemployed”, it says. The description may fit, but Jasper was founded by a company called Underproof. While there may not be anything wrong with Jasper’s argument, the data it gathers is not always quite right, so make sure to do thorough research beforehand to check that what it writes is actually correct.

What are the benefits of using artificial intelligence tools like Jasper?

  • You can wave goodbye to writer’s block. In need of inspiration or unsure where to start? Jasper is the perfect tool for these scenarios.
  • It saves you time. Typing, writing, rewriting… with these tools you’ll no longer lose hours sitting in front of a computer screen, and you’ll be able to spend that time on other tasks.
  • They are ideal for the research process and for gathering data quickly and reliably.
  • They help you identify trends and are the perfect boost for generating new ideas.
  • They reduce human error as far as possible (by checking spelling and grammar).
  • They create content while taking SEO optimization into account.

5 examples of when using artificial intelligence is a good idea, and the best Jasper templates:


As we’ve said, tools like Jasper are very useful in certain situations.

  • When you’ve run out of ideas. To inspire you, avoid writer’s block, brainstorm or gather information. You can use the “Paragraph generator” or “Blog post topic ideas” templates (very useful if you want Jasper to shower you with new blog post topics that will attract readers and rank well on Google) or even write creative titles.
  • When you’re short of time. If you don’t have time to sit tapping away at your keyboard, you can use Jasper to do the hard work for you. You’ll find templates for generating introductions or conclusions, description generators and sentence expanders.
  • To improve your texts. For all those pieces that still need tweaking, Jasper helps you reformulate it to make it more interesting, appealing or functional (depending on the goal you’ve given the tool).
  • To optimize your content’s SEO. Artificial intelligence is in the know when it comes to the most frequent searches or your users’ search intent. That’s what makes using this tool so great for creating content that takes all of that into account.
  • For texts in another language. Jasper can be very useful if you don’t have a great grasp of a certain language (though in this case, Beluga could also be the perfect partner, but we’ll get to that later).

An increasingly competitive market

It may be the most well-known and inexpensive, but Jasper isn’t your only option. Even The Guardian publishes articles written by this type of robot ( There are other tools, such as, which are also perfect if you want to find ideas for our articles, though you won’t generate complete texts for you. With Rytr, you can test out a free version, though it’s rather limited in terms of number of characters allowed. Writesonic, Copymatic and many others will also help you generate the content you need.

But remember: artificial intelligence should not replace human talent.


If there’s one thing a copywriter must be clear about before starting to write, it’s knowing who they’re writing to and what they want to say. Only human talent is capable of telling stories that hook the user and make them feel something.

For that, artificial intelligence tools should never take the place of copywriters. They may be ideal for gathering information, providing inspiration or improving the SEO of your texts, but leaving your entire job in their hands could dumb down the quality of your content and, in the long run, damage your reputation.

These platforms can help you with the onerous part of writing, but they’ll never be able to replace a copywriter’s creativity and experience.


We’re clear about that at Beluga. We’re passionate about technology and innovation, which of course we use as tools to do the best job possible, but as pioneers in the internationalization and translation industry, our company always puts people at the heart of what we do. Because it’s a human talent that enables technology to take us further and not the other way around. Come and see for yourself at Beluga Linguistics.