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GlobalSaké 2022: Human resilience in times of change

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This year, Beluga Linguistics is proud to be Gold Sponsor of Global Saké’s quarterly ParlamINT series.

The series kicked off on March 3 with an in depth look at how multinational businesses can work to integrate both regional and cultural factors into both product performance and business strategy in order to facilitate adoption in local markets.

Talia Baruch, GlobalSaké CEO and Cofounder, homed in specifically on the concept of love, its cultural nuances, and the things companies involved in the dating and love product industry have to keep in mind when launching their services internationally. Localization stakeholders from numerous big-name companies in the sector, including Tinder, Lovoo, and LELO, touched on how the global pandemic impacted their service offerings and the ways in which they were forced to adapt.

The Fireside Chat session discussed the way in which Airbnb has successfully enabled multilingual communication between hosts and travellers the world over. Salvatore Giammarresi, Head of Localization at the company, was eager to highlight how the company’s focus on people rather than product has enabled them to come up with a successful, multilingual communication strategy that works across the board.

“It’s a deep belief of ours that if you focus and empower people then good things happen.” (Salvatore Giammarresi, Head of Localization at Airbnb)

This so-called empowerment of linguists is a clear differentiating factor in the progress that the company has made over the course of the last decade, and it is a pattern which is increasingly being adopted by other stakeholders in the localization industry.

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In this particular case, Airbnb’s decision to externalize its localization process to constituted an extension of its team beyond the confines of its own office. Why, you may ask? Well, the company was fully aware of the attention to cultural nuance and enhanced communication required between hosts and guests across languages and regions. As stated by the company representatives during the session, it’s this very communication that makes the company what it is, therefore investing in this kind of service is a no-brainer in many ways.

That said, opening up your business to another team is far from easy. However, this example goes to show that if you truly want your services to to function at their highest possible level, then putting your trust in localization specialists is an absolute must. Want to dust of your services and make them shine on the global stage? Then get in touch with Beluga today.


GlobalSaké is a community that brings together both global tech and language industry leaders with a mission to drive international expansion. The main mission of the collective is to connect people from multiple industries and share expertise and opinions across cultures, borders, and functions.

This year, the collective have put together a series of quarterly events in a series known as ParlamINT to home in on specific topics. The first event of the year focused on better understanding our international customers with the context of the own regional environment, and how user research and market-fit analysis can help to boost sales across multiple local markets.

The session also included a guided networking session to help attendees build meaningful cross-sector relationships and share ideas and reflections.

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