Beluga Linguistics helps you to internationalize your business and open up new linguistic and cultural frontiers, working with a high degree of professionalism and via a coordinated network of local experts.

The services we provide...

  • Management of multilingual projects
  • Internationalization and localization of web services
  • Specialised dynamic content translation
  • Language consultancy

... and the way we develop them

  • Integration of localization services in your business processes and in your value chain
  • A professional and responsible approach throughout every phase of the project
  • The human and technical resources for establishing your web service efficiently and effectively in new markets
  • A professional team of local experts who share their knowledge with us and bring us closer to the local culture
  • Competitive prices and made-to-measure projects

Belugas travel the seas and know no borders

We no longer measure the world in terms of physical distances or the size of organisations, but rather in terms of the speed and transparency of cognitive networks. Web technologies can call up a virtual world on our screens, and they do this through the use of words, which are interpreted, which make us think and which lead to action. Beluga works with words, but above all it works with the people behind them.